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Intensive use of firewood can create local tensions and act as a major driver of deforestation.

MEI in Kenya

In Kenya, the MEI are working with Kube Energy to install solar systems in two primary healthcare clinics run by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Kakuma camp. The project will:

  • Enable the IRC to reduce fossil fuel consumption by approximately 54,000 litres annually, investing these savings reinvested in other healthcare services;
  • Train local hospital staff to install and maintain the solar system;
  • Look for ways to connect local business to the main power grid.

In addition, Crown Agents will build a solar powered ICT and learning hub for the displaced community living in Kakuma camp which will also be open to the local community. The hub will:

  • Run training workshops on entrepreneurship, trading and ICT;
  • Provide additional commercial services for local entrepreneurs, such as a cybercafé, a solar home system membership plan and a mobile phone charging point;
  • Aim to become a sales point for pay-as-you-go solar home systems for local residents.

The Struggle of Supporting a Family in Energy Poverty

Bahati Azizi describes the challenges of supporting her children and extended family in Kakuma refugee camp with an inadequate firewood ration and an unreliable and expensive electricity supply.