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Refurbishing homes with solar water heaters and rainwater harvesting systems can save costs and provide much needed services.

MEI in Jordan

The MEI is working with the Jordan Green Buildings Council and Habitat for Humanity Jordan to increase the energy efficiency of low-income residences and new homes and to demonstrate the cost-saving potential of such measures to both households and donors.

  • 40 homes in northern governorates are being refurbished with solar water heaters, rainwater harvesting systems and greywater systems.
  • 5 new green affordable homes will be built using a community revolving loan system with a small subsidy to enable experimentation with new materials to increase efficiency and comfort levels. 
  • Home builders are also being trained in efficiency and green building techniques.

The MEI is also investigating how community buildings such as schools and hospitals which serve both local and refugee populations can be improved, and costs reduced, through energy applications. A project in collaboration with the Jordanian company, Millennium Energy Industries, will:

  • Install solar PV panels and renovate the hot water system at Al-Mafraq public hospital, with expected savings of over $45,000 USD per year.