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Burkina Faso

MEI in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, MEI is working with Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (HELP) and Énergie Développement lngénierie Services (EDIS) to provide a variety of energy services for Goudoubo camp. Overall, these activities will boost refugee livelihoods and food security as well as improving access to energy for camp residents and the local population.

MEI projects in Burkina Faso will:

  • Replace two diesel-based generators currently powering water pumps with solar-powered pumps;
  • Create solar-powered irrigation systems for a vegetable production area which will provide livelihoods for 150 households;
  • Set up an energy service centre that will provide entrepreneurs with fully equipped facilities from which they can access electricity 24 hours a day for a fee.
  • Work with the local private sector to boost local markets for solar products and solar home systems.

Clean Energy Project in Goudoubo

Ismael Diallo, project manager for HELP in Burkina Faso and a grantee of the MEI ‘Low Carbon Projects’ fund, outlines how their work is able to support income opportunities through clean energy.