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Does Uganda's Refugee Policy Enable Sustainable Energy Production and Consumption?

James Haselip, United Nations Environment Programme

Leading Innovative Clean Energy Initiatives for Refugees

Joshua Masinde, Energy 4 Impact

Report: Displaced Families Say 'We'll Pay for Power'

January 2018

Providing Safe Access to Fuel and Energy

Luc Severi | January 2018 

UN, Donors and CSOs Call for Global Action Towards Universal Clean Energy Access Among Displaced People and Host Communities

January 2018

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Sustainable Energy for Community Buildings in Refugee-Hosting Areas

Jessica Obeid | December 2017 

Recognizing Rights and Dignity: Building Green, Affordable Homes in Jordan

Aya Rabab'ah | December 2017 

Energy Poverty in Dadaab Refugee Camp

Moulid Hujale, a Somali journalist who lived in Dadaab - the world’s largest refugee camp at the time - from the age of 10 to 24 talks about the importance of energy.

Our Work

Without safe and reliable access to energy, it can be impossible to meet the basic needs of life. Find out more about what the MEI are doing to tackle these challenges here. 

Report: Heat, Light and Power for Refugees: Saving Lives, Reducing Costs

Chatham House Report for the Moving Energy Initiative.